Ecologically safe development of a large region – the Volga basin

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Scientific-educational activities

UNESCO Chair’s work with schoolchildren

In 2015 associate professor A.V. Ivanov conducted scientific and research work with schoolchildren in the following areas:

  • Influence of density stratification on water quality in lake-type water reservoirs
  • Development of a system of traffic jams ecological monitoring

Field investigations of density stratification impact on water quality in lake-type water reservoirs.

Measuring water transparency in the lake Mescherskoe with the help of a Secchi disk..

Measuring temperature profile with the help of an ARDUINO module..

Water sample analysis with the help of a digital microcsope Levenhuk..



  • A method of determining a prevailing type of water suspension with the help of white and coloured Secchi disks was suggested.
  • A measuring module that online transmitted temperature profile of a water reservoir to the server and Internet was developed.
  • It was found out that stratification influenced algae species composition providing for Cyanobacteriae to dominate in a warm surface layer.

Rewards and diplomas

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